Happy Manifiesto.

Do not sell a product.
Do not sell a service.
Quality is no longer a problem.
Loyalty is not enough anymore.
Do not describe products, raise sensations.
Join dots. Exchange value. Offer content.

Brand is heritage, it is reputation, it is information construction.
Information is power, it is emotion.
Turn the market inconsistencies into opportunities.
Know your audience.
How do I get them excited?
How do I trigger will?
Go with him, take him to another dimension, empower him with a disruptive force.
Make him feel better.
Conquer, embrace, anticipate, change, democratize, thrive, collaborate.

Tremendous is the speed at which the world is going.
Generations question, they change their preferences, they move towards change.
Brands and people have their own history.
Redefine, find the genuine role of your brand.

Wearable brands.
This is the reason to be Happy.

We are

We are a branding studio focusing on design and brand strategies.

We build brands for leaders and entrepreneurs on a creative, focused and solid foundation; resulting in an ideal balance between a design studio and a business consultancy agency.

“Focusing on design and brand strategies.”

“Leaders and entrepreneurs on a creative, focused and solid foundation.”

The first idea is not enough.

In order to create, we have to run into the chaos, the madness, into something we don’t know but that we know how to solve.

We never stop.


  • - Brand and strategy consultancy
  • - Brand and communication concept
  • - Naming
  • - Visual identity and logotype
  • - Packaging
  • - Editorial
  • - Architecture and interior design
  • - Environmental design
  • - Object, product and industrial design
  • - Web design and development
  • - Advertising

Do not Sell products, raise sensations.

What is our passion?

You must act and be different in a cookie cutter world. Welcome, get to know our work.