We collaborate and co-create Happy Inicio

We collaborate and co-create with company leaders and entrepreneurs to design and manage their brands with a deep back ground and a great manner, and in that way, build a link that will bring together the consumers with products, services and the company visions. Happy We Are

We read and understand the essence of people and companies to build concepts and languages that will trigger brands with are reputation, heritage and high impact contents that, at the same time, will exchange value with their audience and write their own story.

Happy Inicio


We design, build and manage leader brands from two main dimensions:



What, how, to whom, where, when and why. We trace strategic lines that will help our clients make decisions and visualize their brands beyond the design.

  • Design and brand strategic thinking.

  • Digital brand strategy.

  • Marketing strategy.

  • Brand concept and idea

  • Narrative, voice tone and communication structure.

  • Brand portfolio and architecture.

  • Business model and consulting.


Brand system

We create a communication language under a clear, strong and disruptive structure.

  • Naming.

  • Visual concept

  • Logo

  • Visual identity and language.

  • Brand applications

  • Packaging.

  • Editorial design

  • Illustration

  • Photography and audiovisual design

  • Web design and development

  • Environment design, architecture and interiorism

  • Creative campaigns

  • Digital design and content

  • Copywriting.

  • Consulting, maintenance and brand management

  • Medios y puntos de contacto.


Adrián Allende CEO & CoFounder

"Ya tengo varias observaciones."

Félix Pancardo Creative & CoFounder

"Tienes que pensar en la cuarta dimensión."

Jeremy Hernández Designer

"Don’t let success go to your head and failure to your heart."

Alexia Enríquez Brand Planner

"Sé amable contigo mismo cuando aprendas."

Rodrigo López Sr. Designer

"Dejar tu mente jugar es la mejor manera de resolver los problemas."

Happy Switch. Happy

It is methodology created by strategic brand design where we use tools, dynamics, exercises, other methodologies, research and creative processes.

Happy Swtich is to co-create. It is work shop. It is diagnosis. It is creativity. It is business. It is strategy. It is an idea. It is a concept. It is to create brands that shake the market, the industry, the culture and emotions. It is areason.


01. Discovery

It is a highly collaborative workshop where, together with our clients, we explore, collect and document all the necessary information for the project through tools, dynamics and strategic and creative exercises.

02. Diagnosis

What, how, to whom, where, when and why of the brand. We trace strategic communication lines that help to make decisions and visualize the brand beyond the visual expressions.

03. Surface

We create and implement a brand system and a whole commutation language under a clear, straight-forward, creative and disruptive structure.