Vía Láctea

Via Láctea is a store that specializes in selling dairy products, as well as organic and craft food. This shop focuses on offering food of the highest quality with a farm to table model which you cannot find elsewhere.

The main idea was to project a natural and professional identity at the same time and to transmit its main objectives: to give the impression of being a major brand despite being set in a cozy little space, and given the opportunity to be replicated in the medium and long term.

   Our proposal consists of soft, wavy lines, which derived into a friendly and organic personality. The typography that defines the writing of the name, was specifically designed for the brand, resulting in a completely original composition. The identity traits refer to a traditional graph, 100% natural, but projecting modernity and character. It can be said that this is a contemporary, fresh and natural interpretation that represents a brand that offers handmade products.