Ache Alimentos (Ache Foods)

Originating in Tehuacan, Puebla, Productos Hidrominerales de Tehuacan, is a company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of beverages and food products. The company offers various services and brands, both their own and from other companies, doing manufacturing jobs, packaging and marketing in different regions of the country. The company continutes to expand and is developing new brands and products, therefore it was necessary to organize its structure as a corporate and umbrella of all these brands. Thus Ache Alimentos (Ache Foods), company’s tradename was born.

A brand that could present the company as an experienced and modern corporation was proposed, which gave rise to a relationship between different brands that come from the same family. It was necessary to highlight the origin of the company, its pure water springs, age and family experience, transparency and quality throughout its structure were the main highlights.

The logo found an organic field where the path of the sign generates an endless figure, representing the state of water and its trajectory, where three figures stand within the enclosure that are directly related to the drops and seeds associated to food and drinks.